Nicoletta Spinolo

My research within the MC2 Lab focuses on remote interpreting and on its cognitive implications. I am currently focusing on Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) and on how it can affect interpreter stress and performance. My research also focuses on studying the cognitive ergonomics and cognitive friction of RSI platforms.

Christian Olalla Soler

Bibliometrics is a useful quantitative tool to picture the history of scientific disciplines. At the MC2 Lab we use bibliometric techniques to describe the evolution of Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies. While bibliometrics is mainly based on quantitative indicators, we also include a qualitative, historiographic viewpoint when interpreting quantitative data. This line of research is led by Christian Olalla-Soler.

César Andrés González Fernández

I am carrying out an empirical research project framed within Cognitive Translation Studies. My PhD research is related to Campbell’s (1999) Choice Network Analysis, which states that the more options one has to translate a given text stretch (as determined in a corpus of translations of the same texts) the more difficult that text stretch is to translate. Using several research methods such as keystroke logging, I am testing empirically whether that statement is true.