ICTIC 3 : 3rd International Conference on Translation, Interpreting & Cognition


After the success of ICTIC 1 (Mendoza, Argentina) and ICTIC 2 (Germersheim, Germany), TREC held the third edition of its series of international conferences on translation, interpreting and cognition at the Forlì Campus of the Università di Bologna, Italy, from November 2 to 5, 2021.

In just two editions, ICTIC has become one of the most important venues for researchers in this area. ICTIC3 was organised by the Laboratory for Multilectal Mediated Communication & Cognition (MC2 Lab) of the Department of Interpreting and Translation (DIT) of the University of Bologna.

This time, we organizers focused on expanding the boundaries of our scientific community and fostering a dialogue with neighbouring research domains. Our region had very good indicators and even better prospects, but we implemented somewhat strict health and safety measures and would like to thank all attendees for their understanding and their compliance. No infection has been reported related to the conference.

Before the conference opened, three 4-hour data-collection workshops on eyetracking (Agnieszka Chmiel & Agnieszka Lijewska), keylogging (Ricardo Muñoz & César González), and electrophysiological wristbands (Ana Rojo, Nicoletta Spinolo & Christian Olalla) welcomed about 30 participants.

We had four keynote speakers: Jon Andoni Duñabeitia (The multilingual lexicon), Bart Defrancq (The dark energy of simultaneous interpretation), Jan-Louis Kruger (Establishing a theoretical framework for AVT research: The importance of cognitive models) and Christopher D. Mellinger (Rigorous choices when no one is looking: Challenging assumptions in CTIS).

There is no room here to list the 70 papers presented by ca. 100 researchers from 18 countries, apart from Italy, making it the largest conference to date devoted to Cognitive Translation & Interpreting Studies. Nevertheless, you can check the book of abstracts and the schedule to see that there were many on simultaneous, remote, and dialogue interpreting, on accessibility and audiovisual translation, on cognitive effort in various tasks, and on theoretical models supporting empirical research.

We were happy to welcome many students from the First CTIS International Summer School to ICTIC3. The School was offered online from Forlì from 15 to 23 June 2021. At least 12 graduates attended the conference and five of them, Aleksandra Adler, Nereida Betancor, Rosana Esquinas, Antonio Morata and Thomas Thomsen, presented very interesting posters on their respective PhD projects. Only one could win the prize of 1,000 € offered by the Summer School, and the attendees voted for Aleksandra Adler’s poster on Disfluency markers and cognitive load in dialogue interpreting.

The second edition of the CTIS International Summer School is planned for June 2023. ICTIC4, in 2023, will be held in Santiago de Chile and ICTIC5, in Kristiansand (Norway). So, thank you very much and see you in Santiago, hasta la bye bye!

Du Zhiqiang, Serena Ghiselli, César González, Ricardo Muñoz, Christian Olalla, Qin Qiuqing, Mariachiara Russo & Nicoletta Spinolo

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