Food for Thought {Closing Session}


13 May 2021 12:30–14:30 


The making of translation experts

Expertise is of great interest both for professionals and trainers in all fields, but how can we define expert behaviors? To answer this question, in this talk I will discuss the main factors conducing to expertise acquisition, paying special attention to its development in language mediation settings

Álvaro Marín García, UVa – University of Valladolid, Spain

First, fast, and frequent
What makes some translation choices easy?

Studies of translation, also historical texts, make frequent reference to ‘literal’ translations, which are often assumed to be easier for the translator to produce. In this talk, I will describe the two different ways of thinking about fast, easy and frequent translation choices, and will outline an ongoing research project dealing with the issue

Sandra L. Halverson, Agder University, Norway

Round Table

Roundtable with Álvaro Marín García, Sandra Halverson & Ricardo Muñoz

Final remarks: The MC2 Lab as a hub for many a research enterprise

Closing with Ricardo Muñoz

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