BTS Presentation


The Bertinoro Translation Society (BTS) is an informal circlet, a fellowship of PhD students and postdocs for networking and mutual support. BTS fellows research topics within Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies and our supervisors belong to the MC2 Lab, whether in Forlì (Italy) or elsewhere.

Modelled after the Berkeley Linguistic Society and the Chicago Linguistic Society, the BTS is not only a forum. It is also the framework for us, the younger members of several international CTIS research teams, to provide ourselves and each other with an introduction into academic ways and tasks, other than those strictly related to our respective research projects leading to a degree. BTS fellows organize symposia; set up talks by guest speakers and present them; guest-edit MC2 Lab’s journal TransActions; help each other and other researchers in our teams in research projects other than our own; and, when in Forlì, we all participate actively in our weekly brown bag presentations.

The BTS takes its name from a medieval village near Forlì. Bertinoro‘s citadel is built on mount Cesubeo, and it is crowned by a castle — la Rocca — which is 1,000-years old. La Rocca is now the site of the University of Bologna‘s Residential Center for conventions, where we hold BTS symposia every two years. We chose it for the name of our society because Bertinoro is renown for its hospitality and because it has the widest views in all directions, down to the sea and the river Rubicon — really a modest, shallow creek that witnessed a world — changing decision, like that of pursuing a career in Academia. This fits well, we think, with the spirit of the BTS, the MC2 Lab and, we think, with the open, welcoming, internationalist worldviews ingrained in translation and interpreting scholarship.

The current officers are César Andrés González Fernández, Christian Olalla-Soler and Du Zhiqiang.

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